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Re: Please update SRFI-105

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On 10/06/2012 06:40 PM, David A. Wheeler wrote:
Per Bothner
By the same argument:  Should nfc be $nfc$ or something longer?

You mean "nfx", I believe.  Actually, I left that one unchanged by intent.  It's plausible you might want to invoke that directly,

I odn't see it.  Effectively, you're making "nfx" a reserved identifier
for any program that uses c-expressions - even though "nfx" does not
appear in the user's code.  That seems a bug.

or that there's an existing "nfx" macro you want to invoke.

Well, there may be an existing nfx variable or macro that you'd
invoke accidentally:

(let ((nfx (number-fluid-expressions x))
      (nx (number-total-expressions x)))
  {nfx / nx})

But I can't see why you'd want to accidentally invoke nfx,
which will happen if it's in the "user's namespace" (to use C/C++
terminology).  If somebody wants to re-bind the meaning of
c-expressions, then redefining a $nfx$ macro is easy enough, but don't
hijack an identifier the user might be using innocently.
	--Per Bothner
per@xxxxxxxxxxx   http://per.bothner.com/