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Re: Please update SRFI-105

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On 10/01/2012 03:31 PM, David A. Wheeler wrote:
Dear SRFI editors:

Would you please post this updated draft SRFI-105 (attached)?

This cleans up the MUSTard (e.g., referencing and carefully using RFC 2119 terminology), as well as using CSS to make it prettier.  A few minor typos are corrected as well.

I just glanced at the, but I noticed 4 instances of $bracket-access$.
Should they be $bracket-apply$ ?

I also noticed:
The symbol $bracket-apply$ is somewhat more awkward to type directly, but this
  is actually a  good thing; this means it is even more unlikely to be used
  unintentionally by user code.

By the same argument:  Should nfc be $nfc$ or something longer?
	--Per Bothner
per@xxxxxxxxxxx   http://per.bothner.com/