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Re: Cleaning up SRFI 105 MUSTard (mostly)

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Per Bothner:
> If we're talking about styling, most SRFIs using the standard SRFI 
> "template"
> start out all wrong: The big <h1> title is the content-less word "Title" 
> while
> the actual title is in a much smaller font. I think this is a flaw in the
> SRFI requirements, but it can alleviated with some CSS styling.  For
> example like I did in  http://srfi.schemers.org/srfi-64/srfi-64.html .

Okay, I've copied that.

I have *not* switched the header to HTML 4, though; instead, I kept it at HTML 3.2, and documented the two places where the W3C HTML validator is unhappy.  We'll see if the SRFI editors find that acceptable.  I think it should be okay; a system that can't process them would back off to a reasoanble format.

--- David A. Wheeler