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Chez Scheme and SRFI-1

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SRFI-1 says:

 > While putting this library together, I checked as many Schemes as I
 > could get my hands on. (I have a fair amount of experience with several
 > of these already.) I missed Chez -- no on-line manual that I can find --
 > but I hit most of the other big, full-featured Schemes.

        I checked to see which of the identifiers proposed for SRFI-1
procedures are already in use in Chez Scheme and, of those, which have the
same meanings in Chez Scheme as in SRFI-1.

REVERSE! are predefined in Chez Scheme and appear to have the same meaning
as in SRFI-1.

        REMOVE and REMOVE! in Chez Scheme correspond to DELETE and DELETE!
in SRFI-1.

        None of the other SRFI-1 identifiers is predefined in Chez Scheme.

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