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Quick opinions on Issues

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> 1. Should the alist functions be placed in a separate library?

        Yes.  The most conclusive point for me is that they take a
different copy procedure -- that suggests that they are really a different
data type and so deserve a separate library.

> 3. When do n-ary mapping functions terminate? 

        As soon as any of the lists is exhausted (alternative 1 in
Shivers's list).  My second choice is Shivers's alternative 3: all lists
must be the same length.

> 4. Is FIND-TAIL's predicate applied to the pairs of its list, or the
>    elements?

        To the elements.

> 5. Are the right-duplicate deletion procedures worth inclusion?


> 6. Should my lists-as-sets library be folded in with this library or kept
>    separate?

        It should be kept separate.  Again the crucial argument is that
sets are a different data type: EQUAL-AS-SETS? will not be the same as
EQUAL?, for instance.

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