SRFI History

At the Scheme Workshop held in Baltimore, Maryland, on September 26, 1998, the attendees considered a number of proposals for standardized feature sets for inclusion in Scheme implementations. (Here are the minutes.)

Alan Bawden proposed that there be a repository for library proposals. Shriram Krishnamurthi volunteered to host the library, and Dave Mason and Mike Sperber joined him as initial editors and coordinators of the library process. The term "Request for Implementation," a pun on the Internet "Requests for Comment," was coined at the workshop, and modified to "Scheme Request for Implementation" by the editors.

On November 1, 1998, the srfi minus discuss mailing list was established which had as subscribers many major implementors of Scheme as well as other contributors to the language. An archive of the discussion is here.

The SRFI web site along with the other SRFI procedures was established in late December 1998.

On January 27, 2002, Dave Mason and Shriram Krishnamurthi retired as SRFI editors. At the same time, David Rush and Francisco Solsona joined as new SRFI editors.

On March 14, 2004, David Van Horn joined as a new SRFI editor.

On September 2, 2005, David Rush retired as SRFI editor; at the same time, Donovan Kolbly joined as a new SRFI editor.

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