Hosting plan for

I propose that we change the hosting of SRFI as follows:

This will reduce system administration work for editors, and will make contributions easier because Git, Subversion, and all of Github's tools will be available for use.

I've created the repository containing this document (srfi-common) and the repository for each SRFI by running cvs2git on the existing CVS repository, module srfi, then using git filter-branch to split it into separate repositories. Until the official switch to Github, I'll keep it up to date as new changes are made in CVS. I'll host on a Linode instance. The mailing list archives are not included in the CVS repository, but I've preserved them on Github, too.

Simplelists can host all of our mailing lists. They will deliver messages, archive them on the web, and handle subscription and unsubscription. They've agreed to upload our existing mailing list archives into the web archives they host and to make it possible for us to download new messages periodically.

I'm making a few changes to the repository after conversion from CVS:

I believe that this will be a good way to continue the SRFI process, minimize the editors' workload, and make contributions easier.

Michael Sperber has approved an earlier version of this proposal, so I'm working on implementing it.

— Arthur A. Gleckler

The history of this document (i.e. the .org source) is here.

Author: Arthur A. Gleckler

Created: 2015-07-07T19:12:46-0700