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Learn how I make $30,000 a week online!!

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Im a full time University student who goes to school 5 days a week, yet I manage to make more money in a single week than many people do in a years time. If you are reading this email than I have just proved the effectiveness of BULK EMAIL MARKETING.
Through Bulk Email I can reach more than a million potencial customers each day!!!

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Included on the Bulk Emailers Guide CD rom you will find the following:

1) The Bulk Emailers Guide - Teaches you step-by-step how to become a high profit bulk emailer. Including secret tips that have never before been revealed.

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4) Emal List Manager - Manage your lists quickly and easily. Very user-friendly, yet powerful software.

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6) Address Rover 98 and Macrobot Search Engine Robot - Extracts email addresses from databases and search engines at speeds over 200,000 and hour.

7) Worldcast Email Verifier - Used to verify the email addresses you extract to make sure they're valid.

8) E Book Publisher - Easily publish your own e-books and reports for resale, using, Bulk Email.

9) Seven Million Email Addresses - This huge list will get you started bulk emailing right away. I harvested these addresses myself, the list is filled with IMPULSE BUYERS ready to respond to your ads.

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Note: The Bulk Emailers Guide will be delivered through standard postal mail on cd rom format. It is not available in printed form.

You may also pay with cash, check or money order by printing the order form below and sending it with your payment.

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Product: "The Bulk Emailers Guide CD Rom" Price: $49.99

HOW TO ORDER BY MAIL: Print out this order form and send cash, personal check, money order or cashier's check to the address listed below:

Blair Russell
RR#2 Coulsons Hill Road #2452
Bradford, Ontario, Canada
L3Z 2A5

Your Shipping Information:

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This is a ONE TIME EMAIL you will not be mailed from us again. If you would like to permanently be removed from the list you were included on simply send a blank email to: removals@marketingpromotions2003.com
IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTE: There are no criminal laws against the non-fraudulent sending of unsolicited commercial email in the United States. However, other countries have passed laws against this form of marketing, so non-US residents should check local regulations before ordering. To view US State and Federal guidelines concerning bulk email, and to check foreign regulations, please visit http://www.spamlaws.com 7798Jl5