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Broken naming convention

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1. The naming convention promoted by this SRFI author is incompatible with R6RS.

2. The author of the SRFI rejects one strawman alternative on the ground that it violates the *recommendation* of the R6RS, and because it cause some ugliness ...

So, I am to break *conformance* with R6RS because of what exactly? Because there exists another naming convention that happened to violate the *recommendation* of R6RS? I would rather violate the recommendation than violate the requirement. Or better yet, I would rater adopt some third convention that satisfies both.

Now I have previously urged Dave to reconsider the naming convention before publishing this SRFI so that we don't get into a bike shed argument about `Oh but I like these names' or `I really hate those names' (which is what this thread may degenerate into unfortunately). My position here is not about liking or hating any specific naming convention. My position is simple: I am not going to break conformance with R6RS just because Dave Van Horn likes to use unsigned exact integers instead of identifiers for his library names.

I think my point is clear, and I'll leave it at that.