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Re: Questions about srfi-77 Generic Arithmetic

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Bradley Lucier wrote:
> For now, let me just point out
> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.lang.scheme/msg/32949cdfdda958f8?
> where either you pulled one over on me that I didn't realize, or you
> didn't know what MODULO meant in 1996.  I think introducing this
> operator will make things very much worse.

If I pulled anything over on you, it was by accident.
I think it's obvious from that 1996 post that I didn't
know what modulo meant in 1996.

I'm not sure of your point.  Is it that, if the modulo
vs remainder distinction was confusing enough to confuse
me in 1996, the ad hockity of the proposed div and mod
will be confusing enough to confuse me (and perhaps a
few other easily confused folk) ten years later?

If that's your point, I concede it.