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Re: Testing the reference implementation

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On Oct 26, 2005, at 12:47 AM, Michael Sperber wrote:

You can work around it by replacing the definition of /* in
flonum.scm by:

Thanks.  Now in the will package I get the error:

[bradley-luciers-power-mac-g4-cube:~/Desktop/srfi-77/implementation] bjlucier% scheme48
Welcome to Scheme 48 1.3 (made by root on Sat Oct 22 22:26:09 CDT 2005)
Copyright (c) 1993-2005 by Richard Kelsey and Jonathan Rees.
Please report bugs to scheme-48-bugs@xxxxxxxx
Get more information at http://www.s48.org/.
Type ,? (comma question-mark) for help.
> ,config ,load packages.scm
>  ,in r6rs/will
r6rs/will> ,open srfi-34
r6rs/will> (load "complex-test.scm")
<whole lot of stuff omitted>
(+ +#{Fx 0}+#{Fx 0}i +#{Fx 0}+#{Fx 0}i) => +#{Fx 0}+# {Fx 0}i (- +#{Fx 0}+#{Fx 0}i +#{Fx 0}+#{Fx 0}i) => +#{Fx 0}+# {Fx 0}i (* +#{Fx 0}+#{Fx 0}i +#{Fx 0}+#{Fx 0}i) => +#{Fx 0}+# {Fx 0}i
(/ +#{Fx 0}+#{Fx 0}i +#{Fx 0}+#{Fx 0}i)        =>
Error: contagion error
       #{Procedure 9414 (=/2 in generic-arithmetic/will)}


On a separate note, when I change (display x) to (display (number- >string x)) to get rid of the #{Fx 0}, etc., I get

r6rs/will> (load "complex-test.scm")
(+ +
Error: wrong number of arguments
('#{Procedure 9676 (number2string in numbers-to-strings)} '# {Fx 0} '#{Fx 10})

In the mike package I seem to get an infinite loop. Maybe it's because I'm abusing the semantics of the mike package somehow.

I was hoping to compare what each of the two arithmetics gives to what Gambit 4.0 beta gives, but this is proving difficult.

The current version of the program (with (number->string x)) is included below.


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