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Re: Miscellaneous loose ends

 Additional questions:
 - What is the scope of the bindings of the accessors?  Can I write
   (define-type point (previous)
     (fields (x (point-x)) (point-x previous))
             (y (point-y)) (point-y previous))))
 - Same question for the constructor and predicate.
 - What is the scope of the binding of the type itself?  Can I write
   (define-type foo ()
     (fields (x mutable) (......(type-descriptor foo).......)))
- Can I use (parent <parent name> ...) in the syntactic layer to extend
  a record type that has been defined procedurally?  
  Again, if so, would seem to imply that <record name>s are implicitly 
  quoted symbols, which brings up the question of how they are bound
  in e.g. local define-type's.
- Related to previous:  Do <record name>s belong to a separate namespace    
  from ordinary identifiers?  
- Does TYPE-DESCRIPTOR need to be syntax, or can it be a procedure?