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Optional features [was Re: opaque record types]

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On Tue, 20 Sep 2005, Michael Sperber wrote:

It's been our full intention to allow implementations to leave out the
reflection stuff---in fact, we had language to that effect in the
submitted draft, but it was deemed to confusing and got dropped in the
editorial process.  If and when this goes into a SRFI, I expect the
reflection stuff will end up in a separate, optional "library module"
(or whatever it will be called).   So, in essence, I think we're in
full agreement here.

Ah, I see. In the early submission, I didn't realize that the intended meaning of "library status" was that the facilities were optional.

Is there established terminology for portions of SRFIs that are optional? SRFI-0 doesn't really handle optional features... how could a program test for such a thing? SRFI-0 does allow for a "SRFI registry" that allows for feature identifiers other than SRFI-nn. I could imagine having the SRFI itself specify the associated sub-identifiers, and so that, e.g.:

  (if-implements SRFI-76/reflection

would work.

Of course, this SRFI is R6RS-track. Since as far as I know there is no intention to assign optional features of R6RS to feature identifiers, I guess the "optional parts of SRFIs" issue is moot anyway.

This SRFI will be withdrawn anyway, so splitting up the SRFI document
itself doesn't seem to bear any particular advantage.

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