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Re: A different approach

felix winkelmann wrote:

Uninterned symbols are (currently) not provided by standard Scheme,
and can be simulated by some magic prefix in portable code.

Nevertheless, the section eqv? has the following note on symbols:

  The eqv? procedure returns #t if:

    * obj1 and obj2 are both symbols and

      (string=? (symbol->string obj1)
                (symbol->string obj2))
                  ===>  #t

          Note:   This assumes that neither obj1 nor obj2 is an
  ``uninterned symbol'' as alluded to in section 6.3.3. This report does
  not presume to specify the behavior of eqv? on
  implementation-dependent extensions.

Since some implementation do have uninterned symbols, it implies
that it isn't great style to rely on the above.

Jens Axel Søgaard