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Re: here strings and symbols

On Tue, 12 Jul 2005, Sebastian Egner wrote:

> Wouldn't it make more sense to have two forms of 'here string,' one within
> a line and one spanning several lines, and then having a modifier
> indicating
> string or symbol?

Strings and symbols have different purposes.  While there does need to
be an "external syntax" for any symbol that can be created, I don't
think there's a good case for going to any extraordinary measures to
accomodate it in source code; the symbols someone actually writes in
source are almost all going to be shorter than
"call-with-current-continuation" and mostly avoid weird characters
that have to be escaped.  Other symbols that may come about at runtime
may encapsulate arbitrary strings, but I don't think there's a
compelling need to write them by hand or read them by eye.