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Re: How many arguments to a macro transformer?

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On Tue, 9 Aug 2005, Keith Wright wrote:

This revision is more than a trival change.  It seems to me
that it would be a good idea to extend the discussion period
to give more time to think about it.

I certainly agree that discussion is not finished and I will request an extension from the editor.

MzScheme also has two procedures called |datum->syntax-object|
and |syntax-object->datum|.  These conflict with your newly
renamed  |datum->syntax| and |syntax->datum|.  I don't know
why you changed the names, but it is a conflict, not a
compatibility, because the MzScheme syntax objects are not
lists and can not be accessed with |car| and |cdr|.

It seems unlikely that programs written to work with the
MzScheme system that used these procedures could run unchanged
on the SRFI system or vice-versa---the data types are completely

Although, as long as you don't use |car|, |cdr|, etc., and just use syntax-case with the pattern matching idiom described in the syntax-case papers, you can ignore the difference. One may therefore, if one wishes, regard the fact that syntax objects are lists as an irrelevant implementation detail, and stick with a purely portable programming style, which the shorter names datum->syntax would prevent.

I must say that I personally also like the shorter datum->syntax better. However, with the longer version, /pure/ "portable syntax-case" macros will be portable between the canonical Chez implementation and the system described here. For example, the macros |loop| and |include| on


will work unmodified with this SRFI. I believe that they will also work unmodified on MzScheme.

As an aside, the canonical Chez implementation does allow |car| and |cdr| in some situations. See, on the above page, the uses of (car cmore) and (cdr cmore) and also (null? cmore):

(define-syntax cond
  (lambda (x)
    (syntax-case x ()
      ((_ c1 c2 ...)
       (let f ((c1 (syntax c1)) (cmore (syntax (c2 ...))))
         (if (null? cmore)
             (syntax-case c1 (else =>)
               ((else e1 e2 ...) (syntax (begin e1 e2 ...)))
               ((e0) (syntax (let ((t e0)) (if t t))))
               ((e0 => e1) (syntax (let ((t e0)) (if t (e1 t)))))
               ((e0 e1 e2 ...) (syntax (if e0 (begin e1 e2 ...)))))
             (with-syntax ((rest (f (car cmore) (cdr cmore))))
               (syntax-case c1 (=>)
                 ((e0) (syntax (let ((t e0)) (if t t rest))))
                 ((e0 => e1) (syntax (let ((t e0)) (if t (e1 t) rest))))
                 ((e0 e1 e2 ...)
                  (syntax (if e0 (begin e1 e2 ...) rest)))))))))))

(However, Chez does not allow this on all syntax objects, which is confusing. Also, this macro will not work on MzScheme.)