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Re: output stream API

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Sebastian Egner <sebastian.egner@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> In effect, functional output would be just a way creating data
> structures storing the result of converting something to bytes. (In
> Ocaml, the 'Buffer' module, aka extensible string buffers, is such a
> thing---but of course it's state-based.)

Maybe, but that's not what output streams are in this SRFI.

> Other question: If output streams are imperative, what's the difference 
> with output ports?

That you can change the output stream an output port refers to.

> I am referring to the READ/WRITE/DISPLAY naming and meaning here.

But this SRFI consistently uses only one name for "writing," per layer
namely WRITE-BYTES!, OUTPUT, and DISPLAY.  As you point out, different
kind of classifications are possible, which is one reason for choosing
a uniform naming per layer.

Cheers =8-} Mike
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