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Re: If you like "u8vector" ...

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Michael Sperber wrote:
The idea is that INPUT-BYTES returns data as soon as it is available.
(I.e., the first chunk it gets from READER-READ-BYTES, if it hasn't
already buffered some data.)  This means that a stream connected to an
interactive reader will return data as soon as it is available.

INPUT-BYTES-ALL looks for an EOF marker, which, with an interactive
reader, might never arrive.

My confusion is that with an interactive reader *no data* might ever
arrive, so input-bytes might also wait forever.  Though waiting
forever for end-of-file vs waiting forever for *any* input is
I agree a significant difference - the former may be a more
confusing error, so it is reasonable to emphasise it.
	--Per Bothner
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