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Updated version

An updated version of SRFI-57 will soon be available on the site. I have made the following changes:

 * The syntax is now backwards compatible with SRFI-9, and
   supports new useful variations.
 * I have cleaned up the specification a bit, and added
   some more explanation and rationale.
 * Some operations have been renamed, e.g. update is now
 * The reference implementation has been simplified somewhat.
 * I have dropped pattern matching.  A separate SRFI on this
   will hopefully follow soon.
 * I have dropped introspection/generic operations on records.
   While I realize that this is useful, and have received some
   very good suggestions both online and privately, I think the
   design space is too large to come to a reasonable consensus
   in a reasonable time.  I would invite anyone who is interested
   to submit a separate SRFI for this later...