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Re: problems with rationale & design

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Michael Sperber wrote:
"Felix" == Felix Winkelmann <felix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Felix> Come on, go ahead, give some details. Millions of lines, handwritten?
Felix> Where?

The "millions of lines" is from a thread on a different forum.

Yes, I've seen it, and I (partially) stand corrected, but we still don't
know how many of that code is hand-written Scheme.

I'll point out that Scheme programs that do something that it takes
millions of lines of Java or C++ typically don't have millions of

No, that's cheating. As far as I can tell, we were quite explicitly
talking about "lines of Scheme code".

I have programs on the order of 100000 lines of Scheme code under my
personal maintenance.  I see no reason why that wouldn't scale to
millions, if it came to that.

So do I, yet that's not the issue. Millions of lines is millions of lines.

Anyway, I'll leave it that.