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I hereby (or close enough if it turns out that there is some other
procedural step I need to take) withdraw this SRFI.


The SRFI is, pretty much, The Right Thing, in my opinion.

Comments to the initial draft identified some very minor 
corrections that are needed.  The major points of my draft were
challenged only in very reinforcing ways -- people suggesting possibly
better approaches to achieving the same general goals.

Yet there is very little practical value, at the moment,
for finalizing this SRFI.   Nobody would be "reaching for it" while
working on a real-world program.   So, let's not waste the effort just
for formalities sake.

I confess.  I just wanted to pin this proposal, essentially a proposal
for how to revise R5RS to make R6RS, up on a wall where the R6RS folks 
would have to see it and the communities reaction to it.   That seemed
like a good use of SRFI.  (My original intention was to finalize but,
at this time, I see no point in the effort.   My point is made or not
made and finalizing wouldn't change things one way or the other.)

This proposal will be, more or less, implemented in Pika Scheme
.... from which man SRFIs that should be finalized will, I hope,

Thank you all for your thoughtfulness on this difficult topic,
Unicode is a healthy-fun wellspring of managable intellectual
engineering puzzles.   A great little toy for our generation of