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Re: char-whitespace?

    > From: Ken Dickey <Ken.Dickey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

    > I just noted that Tab, Form Feed, Line Feed, and Carriage Return have Unicode 
    > class Cc [Control Code] and are not in Zs (Separator, space) or Zl 
    > (Separator, line).

    > I suspect the char-whitespace? definition should include them.


Corrected unicode-chars.srfi:

  <p>A character must be <code>char-whitespace?</code> if <b>either</b>
  it's General Category property is any of:
        Zs (Separator, space)
        Zl (Separator, line)
  <b>or</b> if it is any of the codepoints:
        U+000D  (CARRIAGE RETURN)
        U+000C  (FORM FEED)

The name "CARRIAGE RETURN" makes me long for a computer keyboard with
one of those big metal levers found on mechanical typewriters.  And a
mechanical bell, too.