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Re: Encodings.

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At Sun, 15 Feb 2004 23:18:13 -0500, Paul Schlie wrote:
> Just to close the issue out in my mine, looked at the reader code, it seems
> to strip \r characters following \n characters, treating the sequence as a
> single \n character, allowing it to conveniently read generic DOS'ish files,
> but writes /n characters to terminate lines, which older Mac C compilers
> substitutes with an LF ironically I recall. (so you've got basically a
> universal reader for binary based port text, authored using one of three
> typical newline conventions, which would seem to be apparently adequate).

In fact, it is just the read-line primitive that does that "magic" to
treat a variety of eol annotations as ends of lines. If you use
read-char, you'll still precisely what's there. That's the best
compromise we (actually mostly just Matthew Flatt) found, after some
non-trivial searching.

Sorry for leading us down this non-extended-char-sets-related path.