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Re: Encodings.

On Thursday 12 February 2004 06:45 pm, bear wrote:
> > Defining valid identifier syntax such that case folding of
> > (unnormalized) identifier literals should be sufficient.
> >
> > What am I missing?
> You're missing all the tools and utilities out there that are
> programmed with the expectation and requirement that they can
> arbitrarily impose or change normalization forms without changing the
> text of the documents they handle.  There is no escaping this; even
> Emacs and Notepad do it.

Ah!  So a broken language (huge tables and complex processing) must be defined 
to deal with broken tools which do not write out Unicode data in a canonical 

What about creating a tool which reads bizarre Unicode and writes it out in a 
canonical format?  Then requiring portable Scheme programs to pass through 

Sounds like a service to the entire Unicode community.  It could be written in 
portable Scheme and serve as a (presumably good) advertisement for the 

Don't complexify the implementation, simplify the problem!


[No Unicode was normalized in the creation of this missive ;^].