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Re: More JNI vs. Pika comparison

Jim Blandy <jimb@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> There are special statements like 'YYABORT;' and 'YYACCEPT;' that you
> can use in semantic actions to exit the parser non-locally in various
> ways.  In info, see '(bison)Action Features'.
> Why?

Well, my first attempt at a solution was going to be "hey, Bison
doesn't support errors properly so we'll need to fix the semantic
actions anyways!", but that probably won't hold up...

Pika's FFI at present (but most likely not indefinitely) does not
support any constructs that could be used conveniently with Bison (as
far as I can tell) without modification to Bison, butq my role at
present is just fleshing out the specifications for Pika that Tom has
written so far (which are very sparse) so maybe you'll have better
luck getting an answer from him once he's available again.