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Unicode and Scheme

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I mentioned earlier that I've submitted a draft SRFI about changes and
extensions to R5RS to make Scheme extended-character-set-friendly
(Unicode-friendly in particular).

I've drafted two additional proposals for:

~ Specifications for what happens if Unicode codepoints are,
  indeed representable as CHAR? values.

~ Specifications for identifier syntax and meaning if identifiers
  can be written using non-ASCII, Unicode characters.

These can be found at:


which contains:

* "Permitting and Supporting Extended Character Sets":
   basic changes needed to R5RS to make Unicode-based Schemes
   practical and conformant. 

* "Scheme Characters as (Extended) Unicode Codepoints": 
   Defining the CHAR? type to be a superset of Unicode codepoints. 

* "Unicode Identifiers":
  Internationalizing the Scheme Programming Language. 

  Note: "Unicode Identifiers" is the roughest of the three documents
  and I'm certain I could use some help with it.

It also contains some other string-related documents which aren't
Unicode-specific but which do make proposals that would interact with
both Unicode characters and strings and FFIs.