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Re: when GC is permitted

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>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Lord <lord@xxxxxxx> writes:

>> From: Michael Sperber <sperber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>> Again, I referred to lots of code that *already* is written for
>> a SRFI-50-style FFI, and that would need to be rewritten anyway
>> for a JNI- or Pika-style FFI.

Tom> Putting aside forensics of the exchange that led to that -- it leaves
Tom> me with a question:

Tom> What is this "lots of code"?   Can we identify and quantify it?

Off the top of my head, from my most immediate environment:

- most of scsh
- bindings for ODBC (also for scsh)
- bindings for NIS and LDAP (also for scsh)
- the bindings which come with Elk (I believe that includes Xlib, Xt,
  and Motif, among other assorted stuff)

I don't know how close the stuff written for PLT 3m is, and how much
there is of it.

I also suspect that some stuff written for O'Caml (which also has a
SRFI-50-style FFI) could be adapted pretty easily.  I don't have a
list handy, but there's quite a lot of stuff there.

Cheers =8-} Mike
Friede, Völkerverständigung und überhaupt blabla