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Re: no constants please

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Typo correction:

    > From: Tom Lord <lord@xxxxxxx>

    > In order to preserve the invariant in the face of C's assignment
    > operator, at least all GC_PROTECT_GLOBAL locations and all GC_PROTECT
    > automatic variables must be, whenever such an assignment is possible,
             "in the frame of the function currently executing"

    > the same color.   Unless the draft is modified to prohibit assignments
    > of the form `x = *z' where `z' is a `scheme_value *' that may point to
    > a GCPROtected automatic in some caller's frame -- then _all_
                                                         (hence the
                                                         contrast with

    > GCPROtected locations must be of the same GC color whenever a foreign
    > function is executing code between GC points.