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Re: moving on

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On Dec 7, 2003, at 6:27 PM, Alfresco Petrofsky wrote:

I don't understand why you are still lumping together under the name
"syntax-riastradh" two ideas of wildly disparate radicalness:
unhygienic identifier insertion (radical -- requires more
experimentation and experience before SRFI-dom) and a keyword-tagged
argument list (not so radical).

Oh!  It just occurred to me: SRFI 46 could be SYNTAX-DIRECTIVES (or
whatever the thing that has the directives list will be called), and a
later SRFI could define an UNHYGIENIC-MAKER/UNHYGIENICS directive.
That would solve the problem of kludginess, pave the way for future
directives, and let it not be bogged down by bickering about how the
hygiene breakage should work.  Thoughts?