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moving on

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It seems that there is a lot more debate about SYNTAX-RIASTRADH to
come, and I'm not sure if this SRFI has a draft lifetime long enough
to potentially wait for it.  I'm against CYOE, now; it adds a kludge
that SYNTAX-RIASTRADH is specifically designed to defend.  I thus want
to just stick with (... ...) and tail patterns until we figure some
better macro solution out, which is far out of the scope of a 'Basic

Comments, and what are some thoughts on whether to use (...) or (...
...) for the base of the ellipsis generator, which I mentioned in
passing a while ago?  (Argument for (...): it makes much more sense.
Argument for (... ...): it's what everyone uses already.)

(Yes, I'll update the document to define (... ... ... [etc]), and to
allow N tail patterns rather than just 1.)