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Re: Awaken, discussion!

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Along with these modifications of VECTOR-INSERT! and VECTOR-DELETE!, I
should like to bring back a procedure -- a quite minor change --:
VECTOR-APPEND-MAP.  I'm not entirely sure why I removed this.  It seems
like a fairly useful procedure and wasn't one of those that were equivalent
in implementation to the analogous list-processing routines.  (And, in
fact, it's probably even faster in implementation, because the size of the
resulting vector is static and no pointer chasing need be done for
iterating across each resulting list to produce a new one -- but I haven't
done any real benchmarks, which is why I said 'probably' --)

I'd also like to introduce a new procedure: REVERSE-LIST->VECTOR, like

    I've fixed some bugs in VECTOR-RESIZE: it now allows both increasing
and decreasing vectors.  A typo in the document in the specification of
VECTOR-COPY has also been fixed.  These changes have not yet made it to
srfi.schemers.org, however; I shall wait to update the official document
and reference implementation until a revision including slightly more major
changes have been made.