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more efficient reference implementation

I would like to see the reference implementation to be improved for efficiency.
Yes, I know that efficiency is not a requirement for SRFI reference
implementions.  But many Scheme implementors just copy the reference
implementation without modifications in order to save time - which is
understandable but bad for many users.

I found only one improvement - but others might be more clever - last 2 lines:

(lambda (l alist)
  (display (apply string-append (reverse l))))

Should not we avoid constructing the result as a string and write something like

(lambda (l alist)
  (let iter ((l2 l))
     (cond ((pair? l2)
            (iter (cdr l2))
            (display (car l2))))))


Thanks Ray Dillinger and Al Petrofsky for this draft SRFI!