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Re: SRFI 29 doesn't allow for reordering

> > the character succeding the escape tilde.  That violates the idea that
> > the character following the escape is some sort of command identifier.
> That is your idea of format.  The more general idea is that between
> the escape and the command character there may be some numeric parameters.

> >I'm not so sure we should be writing this SRFI to be compatible with 
> >Common Lisp or Kawa.  No offsense, but if we have the ability to 
> >improve, why not?  
> Offense taken.  While we're not required to be compatible with
> Common Lisp, I think a SRFI should avoid being deliberately incompatible
> with existing Scheme implementations that are seeing active use and
> development, when there is no good reason for the incompatibility.
> The Slib and Guile (based on Slib) implementations of format
> also support "~@N*".

Okay, you win.  If its that widespread then its a reasonable addition.


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