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changes to a reference implementation

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Dear list,

A revision of the SRFI will be announced shortly. The changes only affect
the implementation of the SRFI under Gambit Scheme system.

The changes to the implementation are precisely those suggested by
Brad Lucier in two emails to myself:
        1. Floor is more efficient than truncate here.
        2. A number of compiler flags should be used.
        3. The code should make better use of the actual number representations.
These optimizations speed up the Gambit implementation quite substantially.
In fact, the Gambit Scheme-implementation is quite competitive now, both
for integers and for reals.

Good work, Brad!


Dr. Sebastian Egner
Senior Scientist
Philips Research Laboratories
Prof. Holstlaan 4 (WY2)
5656 AA Eindhoven
The Netherlands
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