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Re: Improper lists in macros [WAS: none]

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>More formally, an input form F matches a pattern P if and only if:
>P is an improper list (P1 P2 ... Pn . Pn+1) and F is a list or
>improper list of n or more forms that match P1 through
>Pn, respectively, and whose nth ``cdr'' matches Pn+1; or
>Admittedly, R5RS is kind of at odds with itself on this specific

I just checked and the following Scheme implementations can not handle
macro-forms that are dotted lists:

Gambit-C 3.0 (define-macro)
MzScheme 103 (define-macro + syntax-rules)
Chicken (define-macro)

(MzScheme 200 will probably be ok, I guess)

I don't know wether this is awfully relevant, but it would perhaps be
a good idea not to cling to syntax that is based on a slightly contradictory
definition as provided in R5RS.