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Re: updated draft

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Alex Shinn scripsit:

> Expensive is the O(n^3) for the next step up the Chomsky hierarchy.
> I think exponential warrants the use of "prohibitively."  The feature
> is included mostly for completeness, for round-trip conversion from
> existing PCRE libraries, and I think the advice that it should never
> actually be used is warranted.

It's awfully handy for things like /<([a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9-]*>[^<]*</\1>/,
though (given some restrictions that often apply in practice, like no
recursive elements and no non-ASCII element names).

> More importantly, while I appreciate your attention to editorial
> detail, I think you need to lighten up.  We had to be very precise
> for the core document because there were a lot of eyes on it and
> people were very, very picky about exactly what went into it.
> This is just a SRFI for a library, and I think a little opinion and dare
> I say "color" from the authors should be allowed.

I'll drop this issue now.  But as a counter-point, remember that you're
writing for R7RS-large here, as I have no intention of merging all these
SRFIs into a single megadoc; I'm going to incorporate them by reference.

> Right now what we want more than anything is people jumping
> in and writing new SRFIs.  It's a tiring and thankless enough task
> as it is without requiring that the prose be boring.


> And the same all prefixed with `non-greedy-' I suppose?
> `non-greedy-one-or-more', ...


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