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Re: library separation

On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 11:01 AM, John Cowan <cowan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Alex Shinn scripsit:

> Could we have a (srfi 114 base) library that provides only the
> predicates and accessors, and possibly some subset of default
> predicates?  (notably eq? is special)

I'm okay with this idea in the abstract, but I think that list is
*too* short.  If there's to be a base library, it should contain what a
client of comparators needs:  predicates (3), accessors (4), primitive
applicators (5), which are often more useful than accessors, comparison
syntax (7), comparison predicates (5), and maybe interval predicates (4)
and min/max (2).  Plus eq, eqv, and equal (3), which need to be special
cased by some libraries.

That's kind of my point - I would be special casing
anyway, and in general would prefer to extract the
predicates once for tighter loops, so am unlikely to
ever want to use the primitive applicators, comparison
syntax, comparison predicates, interval predicates or

These are all utilities.  I just want a base library
exporting the comparator record.