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Re: New release of SRFI 113

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Kevin Wortman scripsit:

> I guess I lean toward including the intern! procedures, even if they are
> redundant.

Fair enough.  Added.

That resolves all issues but two, which I'll address in other postings:
#15 comparators for sets, and #16 merger procedures.  Modulo those, I
think that the API is now appropriate as an API for immutable (persistent)
sets as well, omitting the ! operations of course.

Looking at ImmutableDataStructuresWortman, I see the following
additional procedures:  iset/merger, iset-min, iset-max, iset-between,
iset-range= and friends, iset-map/monotone, iset->ordered-list,
and ordered-list->iset.  There is also Riastradh's universal update
procedure, which should perhaps be added to this SRFI's sets as well;
I'll make that #17.

Should we have ibags?  What about integer-isets using patricia trees,
like Haskell's Data.IntSet?  Although persistent sets won't be in this
SRFI, it makes sense to me to discuss them here.

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