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Re: First impressions of the specification

Mark H Weaver:
> I think that most readers will find the BNF quite intimidating, so it
> would be good if casual readers could obtain a reasonably clear
> understanding of the rules without reading the BNF.  This new text is a
> great start, but IMO it needs to include an english description of the
> action rules as well.

I don't think an "English description of the action rules" would help,
but I understand the basic concern.

Perhaps we could add a short "tutorial" section before the
"specification" section to give people a brief overview.
Then, when people read the actual spec, they'll have an idea
of what the spec is trying to accomplish.
There's no "tutorial" section in the official outline, but as long
as we include the minimum set of headings I don't see why that'd
be a problem.

--- David A. Wheeler