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Re: First impressions of the specification

I had said:
> [#' and friends have ] been abandoned in R7RS.

John Cowan corrected:
> Ahem. They have *not* been abandoned in R7RS. They have been excluded
> from the *small* language of R7RS...

Alan Manuel Gloria scripsit:
>    I suppose at the very least we can say something like "if a scheme
>    system supports both SRFI-110 and the syntax-case related #`, #', #,,
>   and #,@ reader syntaxes, then the reader SHOULD treat those syntaxes
 >   as abbreviations in the same manner as ` ' , and ,@".

Mark H Weaver:
> That's why I said it ought to be mandatory "for readers that support the
> syntax-case abbreviations".

Ah, okay.  That makes sense.  Thanks everyone!!

I'll steal add text based on Alan Manuel Gloria's suggestion above.

--- David A. Wheeler