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Re: how useful are collecting lists?

On 03/12/2013 07:51 PM, David A. Wheeler wrote:
Yes, that's right.  Without collecting lists,
those are the only options... and that's the motivation.

We could change the notation, but the changes look ugly.
The obvious alternatives for the notation are:
1. Make the REPL and file syntax different, like Python.
I think this would be a mistake; people often copy-and-paste
from files to the REPL.
2. Don't stop on blank lines, but that change would make
interactive use much less pleasant.

It's really not a problem when the whole sequence fits on a screen.
But when things get long, it starts to get ugly.
I think this is the important part of the motivation. The first time I read the SRFI, it seemed like sweet-expressions should already be able to handle this situation. In addition, having experience with Python, it didn't seem like a problem. Only after seeing the 3 awkward ways to do it without <* *>, and how Python treats files and repls differently, did I begin to see how they were useful. I'll put this into a draft edit of that section of the SRFI.