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Re: srfi-101 reference implementation missing ra:for-each

On 10/17/13 3:50 PM, Per Bothner wrote:
The reference implementation srfi-101.sls is missing ra:for-each,
even though it is exported.  Was it only tested on implementations
that don't catch missing definitions?

Also, ra:list-update is defined but not used or exported.

Here is an implementation or ra:for-each that seems to work
in Kawa (not uses case-lambda):

   (define (ra-for-each f . lss)
     (cond ((and (pair? lss) (null? (cdr lss)))
            (let ((ls (car lss)))
              (let recr ((ls ls))
                (if (kons? ls)
                    (begin (tree-for-each f (kons-tree ls))
                           (recr (kons-rest ls)))))))
            ;;(check-nary-loop-args 'ra-map (lambda (x) x) f lss)
            (let recr ((lss lss))
              (if (not (ra-null? (car lss)))
                  ;; IMPROVE ME: make one pass over lss.
                    (tree-for-each/n f (map kons-tree lss))
                    (recr (map kons-rest lss))))))))

I see for-each in the reference implementation and test suite.

You're right about list-update, though.  That's a bug.