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Revised draft of SRFI 101

This page is part of the web mail archives of SRFI 101 from before July 7th, 2015. The new archives for SRFI 101 contain all messages, not just those from before July 7th, 2015.

A revised draft of SRFI 101: Purely Functional Random-Access Pairs and Lists is now available at:


Changes from initial draft:


* A `quote' form that produces random-access pairs when quoting
  syntactic pairs has been added.

* Examples have been rewritten to use `quote' where convenient and now
  more closely resembles the examples of R6RS.

* An issue inquiring about the scope of this SRFI has been added.
  Should the SRFI include bindings for all of (rnrs base) that deals
  with lists?

* A paragraph specifying that random-access pairs and lists are fully
  persistent has been added.  This paragraph was suggested and kindly
  provided by Alexey Radul.

* Procedure for converting between representation of lists have been
  added, following the suggestions of Taylor Campbell and Alexey

* A vector-like constructor, `make-list', which constructs a list
  using O(log n) space thanks to sharing, has been added.


* The reference implementation is no longer completely portable.  It
  has been factored into a procedural and a syntactic portion.  The
  procedural portion is written in fully portable R6RS Scheme; the
  syntactic portion is written in implementation-specific libraries
  for Ikarus, Larceny, and PLT Scheme.

* Sub-libraries for the procedural and syntactic subset of the SRFI
  are now required (and provided).

* Improved test suite instructions are given for PLT Scheme to avoid
  installing the reference implementation as a collection, thus
  shadowing the srfi collection that ships with PLT.

* The reference implementation has been re-arranged into files
  according to common library name to file name mappings.

* A bug in the implementation of `list?' which had caused it to be
  O(n) has been fixed.  It is now O(log n) as required.

* The import clause of the test suite has been changed to include all
  of (rnrs base) except identifiers defined in SRFI 101, rather than
  only a small subset of (rnrs base), following the suggestion of
  Aubrey Jaffer.


* Procedure prototypes have been formatted so as to stand out more,
  following the suggestion of Taylor Campbell.  Prototypes now include
  return type and arity information.

* The term "sequential" has been replaced with "linear-access".

* Various typos have been fixed.