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Re: To quote or not to quote, that is the question

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Shiro Kawai wrote:
SRFI-10 could be used to introduce literals for user-defined
types.  Chicken, Gauche, Guile and STklos support it, AFAIK.

Unfortunatley it has some issues, though: (1) The notation (#,)
conflicts with R6RS.  (2) The semantics of read-time evaluation
is rather defined in ad-hoc way, and it isn't clear what
context the constructor is evaluated.  (3) Macro expansion comes
after read-time evaluation, so there's no way to write a macro
that generates #,-form, etc.

Thanks, but it's a nonstarter for me if you can't write '(x . y) to construct a constant pair. Beyond that, you give good reasons why SRFI 10 is not adequate in this setting.