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Re: SRFI-10 updated

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>>>>> On Sun, 7 Nov 1999 23:39:59 GMT, oleg@xxxxxxxxx said:

> An updated version of SRFI-10 incorporates clarifications and other
> suggestions that have been raised on a SRFI-10 discussion list. The
> reference implementation is an embedded Read-time application SRFI,
> whose reference implementation is read-apply.scm etc. documents on
> http://pobox.com/~oleg/ftp/Scheme/ site.

Please be careful with your statements.  That page does *not* contain
a reference implementation.  It may contain a *draft* of a reference
implementation, until the SRFI is final.  Thereafter the reference
implementation is on srfi.schemers.org.  (Although, of course, Oleg
(and anyone else) may maintain verbatim *copies* of the reference
implementation elsewhere.  Or derived works (identified as such) that
extend or modify the reference implementation.)

Until we have srfi.schemers.org set up to allow remote CVS access to
documents by their authors during the draft period, there will
naturally be drafts of SRFIs kept elsewhere.  But once that is in
place, we will strongly discourage authors advertising non-srfi
locations of drafts.  Part of the value of the process is that
everyone knows where they can find the current draft of the SRFIs -
and that *should* (and will soon) be on srfi.schemers.org.

Thanks	../The SRFI Editors