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SRFI-10 updated

An updated version of SRFI-10 incorporates clarifications and other
suggestions that have been raised on a SRFI-10 discussion list. The
biggest change is expanding the scope of the SRFI, reshuffling of the
content, and adding a few examples from the SRFI-10
discussion. Conditional compilation and emulation of #+/#- forms have
been almost completely thrown away to simplify the SRFI. The title of
the SRFI was also made more generic. In essence SRFI-10 became a
meta-SRFI -- S(RF)2I in Richard Kelsey's notation -- whose reference
implementation is an embedded Read-time application SRFI, whose
reference implementation is read-apply.scm etc. documents on
http://pobox.com/~oleg/ftp/Scheme/ site. Nevertheless, the revised
SRFI-10 still hopefully follows the current format and intent of
Scheme Requests for Implementation.