SRFI Mailing Lists

There are many SRFI mailing lists, including one for announcements, one for general discussion of the SRFI process, one for each SRFI, and one to subscribe to all of the individual SRFI discussions. Anyone can subscribe to any mailing list. Only subscribers can post. Spammers will be ejected.

This is a moderated mailing list where all announcements about new SRFI proposals and changes in status are posted.

This is an unmoderated mailing list for general discussion of the SRFI process. It is archived here.

There is a separate, unmoderated mailing list for discussion of each SRFI. All discussion of SRFI proposals should take place on these lists, as not all interested parties participate in other venues such as comp.lang.scheme.

To subscribe to the mailing list for a particular SRFI, visit that SRFI's page, e.g. the one for SRFI 0, and fill out the web form there. There is a form there for unsubscribing, too.

Subscribe to this list if you'd like to receive messages from srfi-announce, srfi-discuss, and all SRFI-n discussion mailing lists.

The SRFI Editors