SRFI Mailing Lists

There are many SRFI mailing lists, including one for announcements, one for general discussion of the SRFI process, one for each SRFI, one to subscribe to all of the individual SRFI discussions, and several for discussing Scheme topics not directly related to SRFIs. Anyone can subscribe to any mailing list. Only subscribers can post. Spammers will be ejected.

SRFI-specific Lists

General SRFI Topics

Scheme Topics

Scheme Topics mailing lists are for discussing specific subjects that we hope may lead to SRFIs and other cooperative work, but which are currently not ready for specific proposals through the SRFI process. As with all these mailing lists, anyone can subscribe. None of these mailing lists is included in the srfi-auto-subscribemailing list, which includes srfi-announce and all the numbered SRFI mailing lists, but not srfi-discuss.

The SRFI Editors