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Re: SRFI-96 and SRFI-98

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 | Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2008 19:06:16 +0900
 | From: higepon <higepon@xxxxxxxxx>
 | Hi.
 | > SRFI-96, SLIB Prerequisites, (requested finalization a month ago)
 | > specifies single-argument GETENV compatibly with SRFI-98.  Should
 | > it be mentioned?
 | When SRFI-98 becomes final status, will you revise SRFI-96?

I can submit a revision (no guess as to how long it will take to
appear).  SRFI-96 (and SLIB) will not be requiring the "environ"
behavior.  Although many useful Scheme programs have been written
using getenv; I have yet to see one which requires "environ".

Will an implementation having getenv but not environ be SRFI-98
compliant?  SRFI-98 would be a prerequisite for SRFI-96 only if the
answer to that question is yes.

 | > Also, I have added support for the no-argument getenv to the
 | > development version of SCM
 | Cool!
 | This is the first implementation of this srfi!

According to the table at the end of srfi-98, STklos preceeded SCM.

 | I read your code SCM scm_getenv(nam).
 | Thanks.