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Re: Prefix, not postfix

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On 4/13/06, Philippe Meunier <meunier@ccs.neu.edu> wrote:
> Marc Feeley <feeley@iro.umontreal.ca> wrote:
> >1) I prefer prefix syntax, e.g.   (button :text "OK" :action quit)
> >2) I prefer suffix syntax, e.g.   (button text: "OK" action: quit)
> >3) I don't care


As an example of a procedure that looks especially nice with suffix
syntax, here is SEND-MAIL from the Hato mail server:

  (send-mail From:    "Dr. Watson <guest@grimpen.moor>"
             To:      "Sherlock Homes <not-really@221B-baker.street>"
             Subject: "First Report"
             Charset: "ISO-8859-1"
             Body:    "Moor is gloomy. Heard strange noise, attached."
             Attachments: '((File: "howl.ogg")))