SRFI 86: MU and NU simulating VALUES & CALL-WITH-VALUES, and their related LET-syntax

by Joo ChurlSoo

status: final (2006-06-20)

keywords: Data Structure, Multiple-Value Returns

library name: mu-and-nu


Unlike the values/call-with-values mechanism of R5RS, this SRFI uses an explicit representation for multiple return values as a single value, namely a procedure. Decomposition of multiple values is done by simple application. Each of the two macros, mu and nu, evaluates to a procedure that takes one procedure argument. The mu and nu can be compared with lambda. While lambda expression that consists of <formals> and <body> requires some actual arguments later when the evaluated lambda expression is called, mu and nu expressions that consist of <expression>s corresponding to actual arguments of lambda require <formals> and <body>, that is, an evaluated lambda expression, later when the evaluated mu and nu expressions are called.

This SRFI also introduces new let-syntax depending on mu and nu to manipulate multiple values, alet and alet* that are compatible with let and let* of R5RS in single value bindings. They also have a binding form making use of values and call-with-values to handle multiple values. In addition, they have several new binding forms for useful functions such as escape, recursion, etc.